Billy's Auto Sales
2194 Gumtree Rd.
Winston Salem, NC 27107

(336) 416-1671

About Billy's Auto Sales

Billy's Auto Sales

Hello, and Welcome to Billy's Auto Sales, I have been a Used car Dealer for over 21 years now. I began in August of 1998, and I am Located here in Midway, NC just outside of Winston-Salem, NC on Gumtree Rd. Many of my cars are either older or higher mileage... The cars that have proven to obviously be reliable, and just keep running. Please understand, I am a one person business. I may be working at the hours listed, or even later... But I may NOT be at or near the shop. So, I advise CALLING ahead and scheduling an appointment, if you want to test drive and purchase a vehicle. I do not want to waste your time or mine. I am usually away from the shop on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons... But I can be available most days pretty quickly for you to view any of the available cars for sale on my lot! Thanks for understanding, Billy Thomas

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